Convention Go-ers — One To Snap Up!

Jim Weiss of Greathall Productions has announced this on his Facebook page:

Randy and I leave Tuesday morning for Mason, Ohio, for the American Heritage Girls conference.  At the conference, we will offer the new, custom recording below, and we’ll have all the others with us, too. I will also teach how to write and tell stories, and tell a  few, myself. We will offer the new recording at the conference.

AFTER THE CONFERENCE, this new recording will be available to purchase EXCLUSIVELY by ordering through AHG. And yes, at the AHG conference, I will happily autograph the cover… The new recording includes brand new stories on Dolley Madison, on Julia Ward Howe (“The Battle Hymn of the Republic”), and on the founding of AHG itself. In addition, there are new, or newly modified, stories about Sacagawea, and about Lewis & Clark (other versions of which appear on our Greathall recording “Gone West”); and on the life of Harriet Tubman (the original version being on our Greathall recording “Women in Blue or Gray”.) These, plus the three new ones, form the AHG recording.

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