Ambassador to Boy Scout Council (ABC) Inaugural Class

Congratulations to the following AHG volunteers who have been selected to serve as the Ambassador to Boy Scout Council (ABC) in their area. The ABC is the liaison between the AHG Troops in their area and their local BSA Council. This position includes developing and fostering a relationship with the local BSA Council professional staff and volunteers,
communicating to local Troops about trainings, facilities use, mutual service activities and raising the profile and impact of AHG within the BSA council area.

Larry Carroll, Jr.: North Carolina, Occoneeche Council
Dennis Clark: Connecticut, Connecticut Rivers Council
Jacqui Coleman: Florida, North Florida Council
Jeffrey Davis: Ohio, Tecumseh Council
Luanne Dietz: Ohio, Dan Beard Council
Maria Esquela: Maryland, Baltimore Council
Lauren Huelsman: Arizona, Catalina Council
Carmen Maker: Louisiana, Norwela Council
Thomas McFadden: Florida, Central Florida Council
Sonja Myers: Virginia, Heart of Virginia Council
Dawn Norris: West Virginia, Buckskin Council
Lynn Sanders: Texas, Longhorn Council
Todd Skiles: Virginia, National Capital Council
Annie Slagboom: California, Ventura County Council
Beth Uchaker: Arizona, Grand Canyon Council

To learn more about this position, visit

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