How CA2911 is Growing Girl Leadership Opportunities

From an article included in the Fall edition of Heritage Headlines:

AHG Troop CA2911 belongs to the girls. It is their Troop. AHG is their opportunity to practice success and failure in a grace-filled environment. AHG is a “grace place” to grow into strong young women of faith and grow in the Fruit of the Spirit (Ephesians 5:22). The girls are responsible for running the bi-monthly meetings, hosting the girls’ night, Court of Honor, and much more. As adult Leaders, we are there to support them as they overcome their weaknesses through Christ and soar to new heights with their new found strengths. Our support consists of: guiding them in their leadership roles, holding half-day workshops, leadership training meetings, consistent communication, providing resources, prayer, and being examples as servant leaders. Our hope is for American Heritage Girls of CA 2911 to be equipped, by the grace of our Lord, to know what it means to lead by serving and to yearn to hear: “Well done, good and faithful servant!…” ~ Matthew 25:21.

Read The Rest (letters from two girls in leadership roles)

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