Museum After Hours, Dec. 5

In December, the Missouri State Museum will continue to have “Museum after Hours” on the first Wednesday of each month, when museum galleries will stay open until 9 p.m. This month, at 7 p.m., museum interpretive staff member and local historian Henry Gensky will present a program called “The Story of Missouri’s State Seal.” As well as giving a detailed explanation of the state seal, Gensky will talk about the seal’s designer, Robert W. Wells. Wells was an important figure in Jefferson City history. After designing the seal, he went on to become first the state’s attorney general, and then a federal judge. This program will take place in the museum classroom, which is located in the History Hall (east wing). 

If you have never been to the Missouri State Museum, it is well worth your time. Galleries highlight Missouri’s cultural history, role in the Civil War, natural resources, foundations of government, and veterans from the Seminole War to Operation Enduring Freedom. It’s a very concise way to grasp the sweep of Missouri history.

First Floor, State Capitol, 201 W. Capitol, Jefferson City, MO | Tele: 573-751-2854

A trip to the Missouri State Museum is sure to meet several requirements for the Living in the USA badge. This after-hours talk, in particular, should address #10 (required for Explorers). To make this trip more feasible on a school night, consider touring the museum earlier in the evening, and leaving directly after the presentation on the seal.

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