KC Chiefs Sports Lab

Since the 1970s, the percentage of overweight children has tripled in the United States. Today, one out of five children is overweight or obese in our community. Recent studies have found that students with healthier lifestyles actually perform better academically. The Kansas City Chiefs have created a unique way of educating young people about the positive benefits of leading healthier, happier lives to help reverse these trends.

Look Inside the Chiefs Sports Lab

Located inside the New Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs Sports Lab powered by Blue KC is a destination for students of all ages. It features hands-on and interactive computer activities promoting the importance of being active in your daily life, good nutrition, and healthy living. The Chiefs Sports Lab powered by Blue KC includes:

  • Health Center – Making the right choices and preventing injury are keys to good health.
  • Training Camp – Learn about body systems and how 60 minutes of daily exercise benefits them.
  • Inside a CHIEFS Head – Walk inside a helmet and learn how your brain works and how to keep it healthy.
  • Sports Nutrition Lab – Experiment with calories, activity levels and your nutrition needs to find the right balance for you.
For information about scheduling a visit for your family or your Troop, visit http://www.kcchiefs.com/community/sportslab.html
This outing has many possibilities for the Physical Fitness and Best Me I Can Be badges — plus it might make an amazing Daddy-Daughter activity, too.

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