Second Saturdays By The Grinter Stove, Jan. 12

Join us at 10 a.m. January 12 as we honor the Grinter Place heritage of cooking on the wood stove. Explore traditional recipes through cooking demonstrations and tastings and hear a presentation on local history topics.

Wood stove at Grinter Place State Historic Site, Kansas City

$3 admission fee includes the program and tour of Grinter Place. Explore rooms decorated with period furnishings, the Grinter family Bibles and photos, and a quilt made by Anna Grinter. Take in a view overlooking the Kansas River when you step out onto the second floor balcony. Discover the way of life experienced by families living on the frontier.

A trip to Grinter Place isn’t just a look inside the oldest home in Wyandotte County, it’s a step back to the days of frontier life along the Kansas and Missouri borders. Overlooking the historic Delaware Crossing on the Kansas River, Grinter Place was the home to Annie and Moses Grinter. Annie, a Lenape (Delaware), helped farm, raise poultry and livestock, and plant an apple orchard. Moses operated a ferry and a trading post, where he traded with the Lenape. Learn how life in Kansas changed dramatically through the stories of Annie and Moses when you visit the stately Grinter Place.

10 am – 5 pm

Grinter Place Historic Site
1420 South 78th Street
Kansas City, KS

This event could meet several requirements of Our Heritage, especially #7 (required for Explorers).

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