Tip: Patch Placement

Recently we’ve had several inquiries about where to put activity patches — especially Operation Christmas Child — on the uniform vest or sash.

The Girl Handbook simply states “Activity patches should be placed on the back of the sash or vest. Examples of activity patches include events, AHG Pen Pal Program, HUGS patch and rockers.”

So helpful, isn’t it? What it is really saying is that there is such a variety of patches a girl can earn, it’s impossible to prescribe just where they should go. However, we do have a couple of tips to offer:

  • Working generally from top to bottom seems to make sense for a lot of girls. It does tend to make the patches more visible at eye-level, especially for the smaller girls.
  • Girls with long hair may prefer to work from bottom to top, so their patches aren’t covered by their hair.
  • Remember to allow room for rocker patches (year bars) if it’s a patch that can be earned annually.

And as far as attaching them — some people love Badge Magic, some prefer stitching them down. Think ahead if you’ll want to preserve the vest/sash entire and the end of the Level, or if you’ll want to remove them to create a larger display.

What other tips have you picked up?

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