Eagle Day, Jan. 26

Take a trip out to Wyandotte County Lake Park for ther 12th annual Eagle Day event. Activities will be held at two locations around the lake.

Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library (west side of the lake) – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Two live eagle presentations by Operation Wildlife will take place at 10:00 and again at 1:30. Seating is limited; please come early. The library will also have eagle crafts for kids and binocular and field guide check out for viewing eagles and other waterfowl on the lake. Trained bird spotting volunteers will be available to help visitors find and identify birds near the library.

JP Davis Hall (east side of the lake) – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Visit with volunteers from Operation Wildlife to see and learn about a variety (10-15) of live hawks, owls and falcons on display. They will give 30-45 minute bird presentations on every hour beginning at 10:00 (last one at 3:00.) You will be able to learn about the natural history of each bird. Great photo opportunities!

For more information or to download a park map, please visit http://www.kckpl.org or call 913-299-2384.

Saturday, January 26

F.L. Schlagle Library
4051 West Drive, Kansas City, KS
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