Still Life Drawing, Feb. 7 – Mar. 14

A six week class from The Hub Community Center of Vineyard Church. Join us as we delve into the world of drawing. We’ll start with pencil and charcoal, then move to color in the last 2 weeks.

Thursdays, Feburary 7 – March 14
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Register for this class and others at

Materials – Attendees will need to purchase materials before the first night of class.

  • Drawing pads: 18×24 inch, 9×12 inch, 67# white paper.
  • Soft pencils, number “B”‘s, erasers, charcoal, graphite, etc.
  • For color work, water color, color pencils, pastels, etc.
  • If you have an easel, please bring it with you to class.

Cost – Free

The Hub Community Center
8301 Lamar Ave.
Overland Park , KS
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A welcome introduction to Artastic for Pioneers and Patriots (ages 12 and older)

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