Box City: A Year-Round Program for Youth and Scout Groups

A year-round program for Youth & Scout Groups. Box City is a fun way for youth groups and scouts to learn about communities, why we live in them, and the interrelationships among citizens. It’s a unique way to educate participants about city planning and participation in community using math, social studies and geography in a fun, highly interactive environment.

Geared toward 4th and 5th grade students, Box City provides a hands-on approach to community and an understanding of community development. The Facilitator will introduce Box City and discuss town planning and development, various aspects of community and interrelationships among citizens. Participants will select their town’s time period (for example: 100 years ago or the present) and location (near a river, mountain, etc.). The group will brainstorm about the different town occupations with the assistance of the Facilitator and select which ones are best suited for their town. Participants will design their box to suit the function of the assigned occupation or business and place their buildings on their town map. They will discuss what they wish to name their town and make a final choice.

Participants will learn and discuss: how towns get started and grow, the role geography plays in the physical settings of towns, how people and businesses interrelate in a community, town planning and different types of town plans, the relevance of building placement within a town, the use of standard and non-standard units of measurement, and mapping.

This could be a hands-on way to extend what Explorers have learned in the Citizenship & Government badge. For more information, visit the Shawnee Town website.

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