Astronomy: `Giants and Lions and Bears, Oh My!’, April 13

Spring 2013 heralds some the night sky’s finest telescopic sights from gas the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, a crescent Moon and the Great Orion Nebula. Plus we’ll hunt Leo the Lion and the Big and Little Bears on our way to the “StarGate” answering your space and astronomy questions along the way. (Every fourth registrant is free)

Join us under Powell Gardens’ dark skies for astronomy programs led by friendly, knowledgeable amateur astronomers. Each event is designed to help beginners learn about and appreciate the night sky. After a brief introduction, a short astronomy lesson and question-and-answer time, you will peer through quality telescopes for viewing of such celestial beauties as the crescent Moon, elusive Mercury, Venus, giant Jove, and the “Lord of the Rings,” Saturn. On any evening you may see low earth orbiting satellites as well as a number of double stars. Naked-eye, laser-guided sky tours of the stars and constellations will also be given at each program. (Evening programs will be cancelled if skies are overcast or rainy.) Register three participants and the fourth person is free!

Register by April 11. 
$10/Adult, $6/Members, $6/child ages 5-12

See more details and register. 

Powell Gardens

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