BioBlitz, June 15

Scientists, teachers, students and the public will gather to participate in this one day biological inventory, attempting to identify and record the many species of living organisms at the Arboretum. We will have experts on birds, bats, flowers, mushrooms, and, of course, game calling. Participants will be scouting insects, birds, snakes, spiders, plants, mushrooms, landsnails, trees and more.

BioBlitzes are conducted to learn more about an area’s biodiversity, distribution and abundance. They are a blend of science, education, community and loads of fun.  Spend a day with experts identifying birds, insects, flowers, reptiles and even spiders. And there’s lots more!

No experience required. This fun day is just right for ages 14 and older.

Visit to preregister.

$28/person (non-member)
$18/students with I.D.
$25/$15 for FOTA members

See the BioBlitz flyer for class information.

Oh my, what an opportunity for Pioneers and Patriots! Look the class list over carefully — many of them match up with badges in the Science and Technology and/or Outdoor Skills Frontiers.

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