New Community Events Calendar!

AHG families are always asking for ideas of things to do and places to visit that will help their daughters achieve badge requirements. We’re blessed that there are many options nearby, and now we have a way to share that information with you!

You can view the calendar here:

And even add the iCal feed to your personal calendar system here:

We’re adding more events and locations all the time; if you have suggestions, email us at

Longevity Survey

Your help is needed to generate data about why girls and families stay in or leave AHG. This data will be used as the basis of a presentation at the National Conference in St. Louis, called “Keep ‘Em Coming Back.”

We need input from girls (12 years and older) and adults who are now or ever have been part of an AHG troop. Please share this survey with others in AHG and others who have left AHG, with friends nearby and friends across the country. We are looking to hear from both those who left and those who stayed, especially those who are or once were girl members.

Time is short! This survey will only remain open through Sunday, May 13. Please complete it and forward the link to some friends today. THANK YOU!!