AHG Badge Helps

AHG BadgesEach AHG Troop will work on several badges each year as a group, but often a girl will be so inspired by one of the badge choices that she wants to complete it herself. This is generally allowed and encouraged, of course. In addition, homeschoolers often find AHG badges to form the basis of a wonderful unit study project.

When considering a badge, be sure to check with your Troop’s Advancement Coordinator, or your Unit Leader, about how to submit the work you will do. Rules vary, but there is usually some sort of presentation or proof required before the badge can be signed off as completed. It is much easier to plan for this beforehand, rather than trying to assemble examples of your work afterwards. As ideas, lapbooks or posters of material learned, or photographs and scrapbook pages of activities completed, may be very useful ways of sharing your accomplishments.

We use Pinterest to publish all sorts of helpful resources for the badge requirements. Books, websites, crafts, videos, and field trips, and more can be found. (Note: most the field trips will be relatively local to the Kansas City metro area. Perhaps they’ll give you ideas of the sorts of destinations that might be found in your own city, too.)

If you have additional resources to suggest, please leave a Comment so we can update the page. We’ll be most grateful!

CAUTION: One of the great benefits — and risks — of online information is that it is constantly updated. At the time a link is posted here, we judged it to be child-friendly. However, that can easily change, and each family’s standards will be different. We strongly encourage parents to preview or view alongside their children.

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