Fire Safety & Fire Building

“Fire is a very useful tool. Without it, our forefathers and ancestors would not have survived. It is useful in cooking and keeping you warm. A campfire is also a traditional part of camping out. In building a fire you need to learn about the equipment, safety rules, and the process involved in making a fire.” — AHG Girl Handbook, page 223.

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NOTE: The text of the requirements have been greatly simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.

Requirement #1 – Equipment

How to Start and Put Out a Campfire” video by US Forest Service

Requirement #2 – Clothing

Requirement #3 – Burns

Requirement #4 – Matches

Requirement #5 – Safety Rules

3-foot perimeter Safety tips Safety tips for adults Video

Requirement #6 – Uses of Fire

Requirement #7 – Fire Starting

Requirement #8 – Earn #1

Requirement #9 – Firewood

Tinder Sources of tinder Man-made and natural tinder

Requirement #10 – Firestarters

Fire starter with wax, string, and matches How to make char cloth Top Ten firestarters infographic

Requirement #11 – Fire Circles

Requirement #12 – Fire Structures

Requirement #13 – Cook with Fire

Requirement #14 – Firestarters

Requirement #15 – Wildfires

Requirement #16 – Complete #8-12

Requirement #17 – Teach an Explorer

Requirement #18 – Lanterns and Stoves

Requirement #19 – Leave No Trace Fires

Requirement #20 – Finding Firewood

Requirement #21 – Fire Master

Requirement #22 – Flint and Steel

Requirement #23 – Fire Safety

Requirement #24 – Fire Holes

Explanation how they work Diagram Video Video

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