Wichita, Kansas

KS1111 is sponsored by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, located at 119th and W. Central. Our troop has served the Wichita area since 2011. We hold regular troop meetings on Sunday evenings during the school year (August through May), along with a few occasional summer activities as well.

Our troop is well-mixed between public school, private school, and homeschool students. We have a variety of area churches and denominations represented, so your daughter is sure to find someone she can connect with quickly.

Each year we offer three service projects, several fun social activities, several camping/outdoor events, and normally four badges accomplished as a group. For the girl who wants more, we support and encourage her to pursue badges and sports pins in areas that interest her, offer suggestions for additional service opportunities, and provide additional leadership roles for her within the Troop.

We welcome visitors year-round; if you would like to see what an AHG meeting is like, we would love to have you join us for an evening. For more information, please contact our Troop Coordinator, Kathy Ewing, online.

KS0281 is a troop that is chartered by the Teaching Parents Association, and meets at Riverlawn Christian Church, 42nd and Meridian. in Wichita, KS. Our members consist of girls from various denominations throughout Wichita and surrounding areas. We have girls who attend public and private schools as well as home schools in our troop. There is also a Trail Life USA troop which meets at the same time and place for families wanting to involve all their children in God-centered, character-building organizations at one location. Our troop meetings are held on the Monday evenings.

Our troop works on 2 badges in the fall and again in the spring in a variety of areas to teach and encourage girls interested in learning more about God, themselves, and our beautiful world. We have at least 3 service projects each year to serve others in our local community as well as throughout our nation and world. Two or three camping experiences are also planned for girls interested. We welcome visitors to any of our troop meetings to come see what we are all about. For more information, you may request a phone call or email from Troop Coordinator Charlotte Durkee.

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