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A prayer for the families of Sandy Hook

Let us also pray for all who mourn, that they may cast their care on God, and know the consolation of his love.

Almighty God, look with pity upon the sorrows of your
servants for whom we pray. Remember them, Lord, in your mercy; nourish them with patience; comfort them with a sense of your goodness; lift up your countenance upon them; and give them peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From the Book of Common Prayer, page 466

The Moment You Know

Once upon a time, I was looking around the city, trying to find the right AHG Troop for my 5-year-old daughter (there weren’t so many choice back then!). Very quickly, God made it clear that I was supposed to start a Troop of my own. Little did I know what I was getting into!

Three years later, I’m fully immersed in the day-to-day operations of that Troop. There is paperwork, and programming, and safety, and volunteers all to consider. On good days, I can lift up my head long enough to consider where we might be headed in the next year or two. Once or twice a year, I can get a glimpse of what might be in store for us 5 or more years in the future.

But let’s face it, both my daughter and my Troop are very young yet. I sincerely hope that all the work that this dedicated team of volunteers is pouring in will have some good outcome. I just can’t see the flower blooming yet.

Which is why I wanted to share an essay I found recently that spoke to me. Yes, it’s from an adult Scouter with the Boy Scouts of America, and it is describing an Eagle Board of Review. But the heart of it is a common theme among everyone who works with children and young people, I think. In the end, it is the hope of being a positive influence in just one child’s life that keeps us keeping on.


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