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Ideas for Memorizing the American Heritage Girl Creed

“How do I help my girls memorize the AHG Creed?” is a question we’re quite frequently asked.

For those who aren’t familiar with it yet, it goes like this:

As an American Heritage Girl, I promise to be:











That’s a lot of words to string together, isn’t it?

If the girls are having difficulty remembering which one comes next, it might help to simply point out that they’re in alphabetical order.

For learning the whole thing, we can’t recommend highly enough the AHG Sings The Story CD. Featuring 12 tracks of very upbeat music, it features the AHG Creed Song, Oath Song, and Service Song, a selection of patriotic songs, and a couple of fun camp songs, too. It also offers both split tracks and music-only tracks, which you can use to prompt memorization. Some girls enjoy simply listening to the music in the car or at home. Some Troops incorporate one or more songs into an opening activity. You may be able to get in a little stealth learning by using the CD for a music-based game like Musical Chairs.

What other ideas have you found help the girls with memorizing the Creed?

Teaching the Creed

Looking for resources for teaching the elements of the Creed? Focus on the Family’s Character Crew might be useful to you. They address 5 of the 10 elements, each with a poster, story, Adventures in Odyssey episode, and two activities that would be suitable for Pathfinders, Tenderhearts, or Explorers. Give it a try!