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Question: May Activity Patches Move Up?

I ran across a question the other day that is interesting. As near as I can tell, there is no official AHG guidance on the matter. I’m curious what other Troops are actually doing.

What, besides sports pins and their discs, can transfer from a TH vest to an EX vest? Can Operation Christmas Child and the annual rockers?

Our practice, in my Troop, has been to allow a patch that can be earned annually to move up to a new Unit level. One-time-event patches, not.

We have also decided to allow a girl who has earned a PRAY Award to continue wearing it until she earns the next level of it. There is a lot of self-interest in that decision, though, because we want the other girls to notice and say, “Hey, what’s that one?”

What are your thoughts?



Operation Christmas Child Activity Patches

If your family is packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, you may want to consider ordering an activity patch for your daughter to wear on her AHG vest/sash. Check with your Troop Coordinator to see if there is an official Troop service project in the works, but if you pack a shoebox as a family the patch is permitted.
You can order it at the bottom of the page here:
You can choose either the generic logo patch or the new 2012 (beach ball) patch.
Also ask your Troop Coordinator if it is better to just attach the patch to the uniform when it comes in, or if an official presentation at a Court of Awards is preferred.
If by chance your church isn’t participating in Operation Christmas Child this year, you can find a drop off location here: