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Camp R.E.A.L. “Ready, Engaged, Authentic, and Loving”

Camp R.E.A.L. (Ready,Engaged, Authentic, and Loving) was the Kansas City area’s first regional AHG camp. Four area troops participated with approximately 50 girls and 30 moms in attendance. We spent three days learning about true beauty and reflecting on how to apply 1 Peter 3:4 to our lives.

Girls had a blast with horseback riding, archery, swimming and more. Each level also worked on various badges including Fire Safety & Building and Physical Fitness. Pioneer and Patriot girls were able to gain leadership experience as they taught the younger girls badge requirements and led games, devotionals, and songs. The highlight of camp came on Sunday morning as we gathered for our worship time before parting ways. Listening to 80 sweet voices sing praises to God and celebrate being together was very moving.
Planning camp was a big job, but everyone agreed that it was well worth it. The friendships
made and the lessons learned that weekend were so incredibly valuable. We can’t wait for Camp R.E.A.L. 2013!

Tonia Collins, Coordinator KS1209