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The Gift Of Nature Shared: How We Launched Our Family Nature Club

This essay is about our conversion, as a family. It’s about how we decided that we had a gift, this connectedness to nature. What do we do? Mostly, we invite families to join us as we explore our favorite nature spots around San Diego. We get them organized. We show them the cool places to go. We get nature back on their calendar, literally. We become their nature buddies, modelled after the gym buddy system. These days, it seems, you have to schedule nature and make a date with someone else. We invite, beg, cajole, and, mostly (we hope) inspire them to get out there—with us, with others, or as a family. Just get out there is our motto. And while we are out there, we try to mentor families to follow their children’s lead, to foster the natural sense of wonder and awe that comes so easily to kids.

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C&NN Nature Clubs for Families Tool Kit: Do It Yourself! Do It Now! provides inspiration, information, tips and resources for those who are—or who might be—interested in creating a Nature Club for Families. Download the Tool Kit.