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11/29 – Mystery of Christmas – Get Your Tickets Soon!

Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre and Dramatic Truth School of the Arts present…..

The Mystery of Christmas. The Mystery of Christmas is a yearly tradition at Dramatic Truth School of the Arts. The idea for the show came from Liz Dimmel, Dramatic Truth’s Artistic Director. Liz Dimmel was living in Tennessee and was on her way to yet another production of “The Nutcracker.” Her daughter, who was about 6, was dancing in the cast with the Nashville Ballet. “I remember saying to my husband, ‘What would Christmas be without ‘The Nutcracker?’ And it was like God just said to me right then, ‘Wait one minute, ‘The Nutcracker’ has absolutely nothing to do with what Christmas is really about.’ It was then that Dimmel conjured the notion to use Tchaikovsky’s music from the famed ballet while changing the tale to tell the story of the first Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  It took 10 years for her vision to make it to the stage. The production starts, as the traditional “Nutcracker” does, with a Christmas party and a fight between children over toys. There is reprimand from an elder and a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas. The family patriarch reads from the Bible. At bedtime there is a dream. Instead of traveling to The Land of Snow to be welcomed by dancing snowflakes, Clara, the little girl in the “Nutcracker” and in Dimmel’s version, journeys in her dream to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth. Instead of dancing snowflakes she sees angels, a bright star and the Holy Ghost. Clara’s dream includes dances of many countries: Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Africa, China and America, symbolizing all the people of the world in proclaiming the birth of Christ. http://www.dramatictruth.org/mystery-of-christmas/

This production is a wonderful way to meet several requirements of the Dance badge. Backstage tours may be available the day of Student Performances (Nov. 29) — contact Dramatic Truth for information.