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AHG SC7777 at OCC Processing Center 2012

Lots of Troops participate in Operation Christmas Child by packing shoeboxes — SC7777 took it a step further and helped get those shoeboxes ready to head overseas. Take a look behind the scenes of what happens with your shoebox once you drop it off!

Tip: Patch Placement

Recently we’ve had several inquiries about where to put activity patches — especially Operation Christmas Child — on the uniform vest or sash.

The Girl Handbook simply states “Activity patches should be placed on the back of the sash or vest. Examples of activity patches include events, AHG Pen Pal Program, HUGS patch and rockers.”

So helpful, isn’t it? What it is really saying is that there is such a variety of patches a girl can earn, it’s impossible to prescribe just where they should go. However, we do have a couple of tips to offer:

  • Working generally from top to bottom seems to make sense for a lot of girls. It does tend to make the patches more visible at eye-level, especially for the smaller girls.
  • Girls with long hair may prefer to work from bottom to top, so their patches aren’t covered by their hair.
  • Remember to allow room for rocker patches (year bars) if it’s a patch that can be earned annually.

And as far as attaching them — some people love Badge Magic, some prefer stitching them down. Think ahead if you’ll want to preserve the vest/sash entire and the end of the Level, or if you’ll want to remove them to create a larger display.

What other tips have you picked up?

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party

This past weekend, November 10, AHG Troops from Olathe and Excelsior Springs came together for an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party. 25 girls packed 100 boxes in the space of an afternoon, plus spent some time learning about what the shoebox ministry accomplishes worldwide.

This is the 2nd year that our area Troops have organized and participated in this packing party, and one of a number of area-wide events held each year. The girls enjoy the opportunity to meet other AHG girls, building friendships, and working together to accomplish larger projects.

Operation Christmas Child Activity Patches

If your family is packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, you may want to consider ordering an activity patch for your daughter to wear on her AHG vest/sash. Check with your Troop Coordinator to see if there is an official Troop service project in the works, but if you pack a shoebox as a family the patch is permitted.
You can order it at the bottom of the page here:
You can choose either the generic logo patch or the new 2012 (beach ball) patch.
Also ask your Troop Coordinator if it is better to just attach the patch to the uniform when it comes in, or if an official presentation at a Court of Awards is preferred.
If by chance your church isn’t participating in Operation Christmas Child this year, you can find a drop off location here:

Operation Christmas Child

Is your family packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child? Remember that your daughter can place an OCC patch on the back of her vest or sash. Check with your Troop to see if a group order will be placed, or order online here: https://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/Giving/apparel_order/