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Looking For A Few Good Shepherds

AHG Women of IntegrityAround here, we get most of our search hits from people who are looking for badge helps, but trying to broaden our focus a little. One feature we’d like to add is a Shepherd‘s Corner — short articles, at least monthly, addressing various aspects of a Shepherd‘s role. How do you encourage the girls’ spiritual growth? Know each girl and family, keeping an eye out for disengagement? Support the spiritual lives of the volunteers? Fun devotionals or teaching lessons? Promote and support the religious recognitions programs?

We’re looking for a couple of experienced Troop Shepherds — past or present — who would be willing to contribute their thoughts on the Shepherd’s role. You would just need to email your text and any graphics you wish to include — we’ll handle the posting and such. We do reserve the right to edit for mechanics and clarity.
Up for trying it? Let us know!