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Trailblazer Adventure Program Teams Up with AHG

As Spring rolls in, so does the start of the Trailblazer Adventure Program’s season and the beginning of a partnership to introduce young women to outdoor sports and our hunting heritage.

Among the first programs held this Trailblazer season were those of American Heritage Girls Troop 0044 from Batesburg, SC and Troop 0055 from Nashville, TN.  In total, over 200 AHG participants and families were able to experience firsthand the basics of America’s long standing hunting and conservation traditions.

Participants from Nashville and Batesburg gathered to participate in a day specifically aimed to place a bow, fishing pole and BB gun in the hands of all involved. Participants at the Nashville event were also introduced to the long time tradition of trapping, with a local trapper present with pelts and trapping demonstrations. Participants were excited with the day’s events.

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AHG Leaders Get To Know The Great Outdoors

News from Convention:

A group of more than 75 women from around the country gained a better understanding of outdoor related activities thanks to the Trailblazer Adventure Program held recently at the American Heritage Girls National Conference for staff and volunteers near Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Trailblazer Adventure Program, a youth program of the U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF) designed to introduce youth and families to the outdoors, and the American Heritage Girls (AHG), a Christ centered scouting organization for girls based in Cincinnati, signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Trailblazer on May 16, 2012.

To jump start the partnership, a Trailblazer Adventure Day was held Saturday, November 10, 2012 to introduce AHG troop leaders to the excitement of outdoor activities at Cub World located in Loveland, Ohio.

Troop leaders experienced numerous outdoor related activities such as archery, target shooting and fly fishing, as well as Dutch oven cooking demonstrations from Camp Chef and hands on displays by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

“We were all given one on one instruction for every activity,” said Jennifer Gross, AHG troop leader from Louisville, Kentucky. “It was just great getting to try something new.”


USSAF Trailblazer Adventure

U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSAF) plays a key role in protecting and advancing America’s heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping, and the USSAF’s Trailblazer Adventure Program is the largest youth outdoor sports introduction program in America.  USSAF will work in partnership with national, regional, and local AHG areas and troops to conduct Trailblazer Adventure Programs for AHG’s members, take part in outdoor activities, and promote AHG advancement opportunities. Along with other initiatives, USSAF will work with AHG to incorporate its Target Challenge and other programs into the AHG Regional Camp program.

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Wondering — how much interest is there in hosting a Trailblazer event here in the KC area? We’d need to make it a regional event — want to give it a try next year?