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Badge Interpretation Question

Question — if you look at requirements #27 and #28 of Dawn of Our Country, they ask a girl to “visit a historical site” and “tour the home of a President”, respectively. The examples given are from the early years of our country, which is in line with the subject of the badge…. but they aren’t exactly daytrips from here. Kansas City has a good collection of historical sites, and two different homes of President Harry S. Truman, but he is from a very different era than Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. Do you require a girl to select a site/home from the colonial period — meaning a roadtrip — or do you go with the strict wording of the requirements and allow local sites/homes?

TroopTrack Software

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What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

How often do you check the contents of your first aid kit? Things can get jumbled and go missing with even the lightest use, and you don’t want to discover it when you need them. Remember to check the expiration dates on any medicines in there! You can take the expired ones to your pharmacy for disposal. Ones that are close to expiration, consider putting into your household medicine cabinet, where they are likely to get used more quickly. Don’t forget to replace them in your kit! Any other first-aid-kit tips out there to share?