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In Honor of Volunteers

As the Troop year nears an end, it seems appropriate to take a moment to honor all the very many volunteers that make AHG possible. We found this poem unattributed:

Many will be shocked to to find when the day of judgement nears,
That there’s a special place in Heaven set aside for volunteers,
Furnished with big recliners satin couches and footstools,
Where there’s no committee, chairman, group leaders or car pools,
No eager team that needs a coach, no bazaar or no cake sale,
And nothing at all to staple, not a thing to fold or email,
Telephone lists are outlawed, but a finger snap will bring,
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners and rare treats fit for a king,
You ask, ‘Who’ll serve these privileged few and work for all they’re worth?’,
Why all those who reaped the benefits and not once volunteered on Earth.

Creative Leader Awards

Volunteers are the lifeblood an AHG Troop, aren’t they? Without volunteers — their time, their energy, their passion — it just wouldn’t succeed. So how can you possibly thank them for everything they have done (within a budget!)

Pinterest to the rescue!

If you haven’t discovered it, Pinterest is a site that excels in collecting and sharing ideas — pins — from all over the web. You assemble them onto custom “boards” — it’s the world’s largest corkboard!

Here is a simple search we created for volunteer recognition ideas. If you find something you love, pin it! And then — share it with us? We can all use some fresh ideas!